Where Walmart Is Closing? 7 Underperforming Stores

walmart closing

These Are All the Walmart Locations Closing Forever by March 10

In this article, the bngami team will provide a comprehensive overview walmart closing.

Last week it was announced that many Walmart stores in the US would be closing. The retailer previously said there was not a single reason for the closure, just that decisions had been made after a “thorough review process”. according to a statement to Footwear News. According to Walmart, the stores on the block are “mediocre.”


  “We are grateful to the customers who have given us the privilege of serving them,” Felicia McCranie, Walmart’s director of global communications, said in a statement to Best Life. “We look forward to serving them in our other community stores and on walmart.com.”

But loyal shoppers are saddened these stores are disappearing, and many are concerned about possible grocery deserts as residents rely on Walmart for their weekly groceries. Before the closure, we’ve compiled a list of all Walmart locations that will be closing through March 10th.Read on to see which locations will be closing soon.

The stores that will be closed are :

✅ Lincolnwood, Illinois

Closing date: Feb. 17

    The first Walmart to close is Walmart Pickup at 6840 N. McCormick Boulevard in Lincolnwood, Illinois. A Walmart spokesman told CBS Chicago that the Chicago suburb location will be permanently eliminated on February 17.

  “This decision was not taken lightly and was only made after a thorough review process,” a spokesman told CBS.”Because it’s just a pickup and drop-off location, we’ve incorporated what we’ve learned from that location into how we handle pickup and drop-off at our stores in the area.”

✅ Bentonville, Arkansas

Closing date: Feb. 17

   Another Walmart pickup location in Bentonville, Arkansas, will also close on Feb. 17, McCranie confirmed to Insider. The location is close to Walmart headquarters, which has been functioning more like a warehouse since 2014. According to the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, the location accommodates 19 customers who can pick up their orders immediately without leaving their cars.

   But that won’t be next week, and the future of the Walmart pickup store format remains uncertain.As reported by Insider, Pickup’s only other location in Metairie, Louisiana, closed in 2022.

   “We are grateful to the customers who have given us the privilege of serving them at our pickup and drop-off locations,” McCranie told Insiders. “We look forward to serving them in our other community stores and on walmart.com.”

✅ Homewood, Illinois

Closing date: By March 10
   The Chicago area has been hardest hit by the closure of Walmart stores. In addition to the Lincolnwood Walmart pickup location, the Homewood Walmart Supercenter at 17550 S. Halstead Street will also be closed.
   customers were surprised by the store closure, telling Fox 32 Chicago that Homewood Walmart was “always busy.”
   Homewood Mayor Rich Hofeld also responded to the news.“The Village was surprised by the news and will be working with the owner to fill the space as soon as possible,” he said in a statement to Fox 32 Chicago.
   employees have the opportunity to transfer to other Walmart stores, Walmart told CBS Chicago.


✅ Plainfield, Illinois

Closing date: By March 10
   The closure of the Chicago-area Walmart will be complemented by the Supercenter in Plainfield, Illinois, which will also close through March 10.
   The store is located at 12690 S. Route 59 and a Walmart spokesman told CBS Chicago that it’s another “subpar store.” Like employees at the Homewood location, employees at Plainfield Walmart have the opportunity to relocate to another store.

✅ Pinellas Park, Florida

Closing date: By March 10
   Florida shoppers are missing out on the Walmart Neighborhood Market at 6900 US Highway 19 N. in Pinellas Park, reports the Tampa Bay Times.
   As with other store closures, Walmart told the store that the location “does not meet our financial expectations”; and is also set for a snapshot prior to this March 10th. 
   The spokesman also told the Tampa Bay Times that there are no further closures for the Tampa Bay area and employees are free to relocate.

✅ Albuquerque, New Mexico

   Closing date: By March 10
Another Walmart Supercenter welcomes Albuquerque, New Mexico. The store is located in the southeastern part of town at 301 San Mateo Boulevard SE. This slot also has an expiry date of March 10th.
   “We are grateful to the customers who have given us the privilege of serving them at our Albuquerque location,” a spokesman told KOB. “We look forward to serving them in our other community stores and on walmart.com.”
   No other stores in the Albuquerque area will close, a spokesman later told KOB, but residents who rely on San Mateo Walmart are concerned about a potential food desert.
   This really eliminates the fresh food and grocery last option in much of the Middle East, essentially creating a food desert that we’ve worried about for years,” Albuquerque Councilman Pat Davis told the Albuquerque Journal.

✅ Milwaukee, Wisconsin

   Closing date: By March 10
The Walmart Supercenter on West Silver Spring Drive in Milwaukee will also close before March 10. As in Albuquerque and Chicago, news of the closures is already causing a stir in the local community.
   The store is currently located at Timmerman Plaza and has shoppers saying they don’t have a grocery store nearby that they can rely on, reports Fox6 News Milwaukee. The nearest grocery store is about 5.5 miles away, but shopper Tom Lukojo, who lives across the street from Walmart, pointed out that this could lead to a grocery desert since many people in the area don’t have cars.

“Actually, it’s going to impact the neighborhood,” Lukoji told Fox6 News. “Most of the people around depend on the Walmart here.”

Milwaukee Alderman Mark Chambers Jr. also noted his frustration with the closure. “It’s infuriating that such a massive, resource-rich, and wealthy Fortune 100 enterprise like Walmart cannot keep such an important location open,” he told the Milwaukee Business Journal. “The move not only negatively impacts shoppers, pharmacy customers and store workers, but I fear it will only add to the food desert issues that we are seeing in that area.”

Chambers told the outlet that he is working with the city to find a replacement, also telling Fox6 News that he would like to see another grocery store move into the space. “I know that when that Walmart came in, they pushed out Pick N Save,” Chambers said. “I’d be very open to Pick N Save moving back over there.”

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